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Dear Photography Lovers,

Now you too can achieve astonishing results by following our simple, easy-to-understand online photography course, and have our Experienced Staff help you along the way.

We teach the Art and Science of Photography , to help you unleash your creativity. Our course is designed to keep the techniques simple and easy to understand. We don't confuse students with multiple courses for different types of camera's  environments or skill levels.

Our course will show you how to take great pictures whether you are using digital cameras or film , whether you are a novice ,or an experienced photographer looking to further your skills, and at a price affordable to everyone !

Photography is basically the creation of a visual language. In reality, it's the telling of a story without words. If you yearn to express yourself creatively and show off your work to your close friends and associates, or if you wish to embark on a career in photography, then this online course is for you. It can be taken from anywhere in the world and at your own pace too!

 Delivered Conveniently Over The Internet , From Anywhere in The World Utilizing the Latest in Presentation Technologies!

Yes,  all at your own pace , or a minimum of 1-2 weeks of fun but intensive tutoring at Stare Photography, is all it takes to finally become the pro you've always yearned to be. You may be totally clueless about cameras, composition techniques, ISO speeds, and what not! But, by joining Stare Online Photography School you will open up a whole new world of discovery.

You see, our easy-to-understand and comprehensive course will literally take you by the hand and teach you step-by-step what it takes to make you a truly great photographer. In a short space of time, you'll quickly learn techniques that professional photographers use every day

Here’s Why Stare Photography Is Head And Shoulders  Above It’s Competition…



You don’t need to have an advanced knowledge of photography to take our course - It's perfect even for a total beginner. On the other hand, if you're quite competent with a camera in your hands, then this course will make you an even better photographer!



You learn at your own pace You are under no obligation to complete the course in a specific time frame. You can complete it in 14 days or less... or take as long as you want. It's totally your call!



And oh, by the way, all learning is completed online and your entire learning material is digital, which means you don't need to wait for anything in the mail. You can literally start learning as soon as your order gets processed!


A one-of-a-kind opportunity to have your photographs personally critiqued by professional staff members! - Stare Online Photography School was developed by a small group of professional and semi-professional photographers. Some have worked as photographers or photojournalists for such large companies as Disney, Esquire and NBC. Others have won photography and photojournalism awards from around the world.


You'll have access to "one on one" personalized student assistance so you can learn at a much faster pace!


You will benefit from using some of the newest online presentation technologies - You can easily take online quizzes that will be graded instantly, upload your assignments and have other students and our own staff analyze, compliment and critique your work.



You can also take advantage of the following benefits - you'll get your very own unique, personal online student page where you can show off your best photos at the end of the course!


What's more, once you've completed the course, you'll even get a special 8 x 10 diploma certificate that you can proudly hang up on your wall as a successful graduate of Stare Online Photography School.


You can enroll in our course regardless of where you no extra cost! - From North America to South America, from Europe to Asia and Africa, we have had students from around the world signing up.

Stare Online Photography School only requires that you have your own camera - But we teach you principles that will work whether you have a digital or film camera. No other equipment is required to enroll in our online photography school!


Psyched up already? Well, here's what is in store for you when you enroll for this course:

The Stare Photography course consists of 10 online lessons, 6 quizzes, 9 optional assignments and 1 final exam. Each lesson is interactive, fun, easy to understand and will have a positive impact on your photographic ability. (Please note that you'll need to score over 60% on the final exam before being issued your course completion certificate in the mail)

       Here's Just A Tiny Peak At The Topics Covered...

    And some of the many techniques you will discover:

Vital composition techniques, color, style, shape, line manipulation, ISO speeds, texture, monochromatic effects, and other basic and advanced photography secrets

How to shoot the perfect picture that will impress  even the most critical of photographers!
How to express yourself creatively, create great pictures, explore a second career, and inspire and impress those around you!

Lesson 1

Message from the Director
Lesson 2
3 vital elements that add to the dramatization of photography
A quick and easy method to dramatize color differences and turn a realistic photograph into an abstract one
How you can get a head start in mastering the art of framing and perspective, by using the powerful yet amazingly simple finger camera technique
Lesson 3

What the f-numbers on your camera mean and how they help determine the depth of the field, and the light that passes through your camera
What vital element has an impact on the brightness of your photographs (Hint: Your photos are guaranteed to be ruined if you don't pay attention to this)
How to focus your main subject in the photo and blur the background
3 fun things you can do with your shutter speed settings you'll be amazed at the results!
Lesson 4

A simple technique that you can apply instantly to magnify the line structure of a shot
How to subconsciously increase people's emotional response by using the simple concept of lines in your photographs!
What type of patterns make the most visually interesting shots
3 easy techniques you can employ to bring out color contrast in your photographs
4 ways to artificially mute colors in a photo

How to make the element of shape in a photograph appear 3-dimensional

What 2 types of backgrounds help bring attention to bright colors
The most emotionally intense color that you can use in a photograph
2 basic mistakes novice photographers make and how you can avoid them!
Lesson 5
How to effectively capture a dramatized effect of the sky using the advanced cloud shooting technique
Understanding the basic concepts of lighting and how each one of them can affect your photographs
How to capture great silhouettes in your shots (Most beginners fail to understand this concept, but when you invest in our course we'll show you how to successfully master this technique!)
Lesson 6
The sure-fire method of bringing out the texture in a photograph
How to use the advanced emphasis technique to capture a moving subject by blurring the background (Best part - this technique teaches you to do this without ever having to blur your moving subject!)
What type of lighting helps bring out the best texture in photographs and why
A powerful tool that makes your photo *instantly* look bright and colorful... without altering them in the dark room or even digitally afterwards! (Hint: This tool is known as a photographer's best-kept secret!)

What type of lenses you want to use to capture timid wildlife or subjects that are not reachable because of distance barriers ( Rivers, highway, etc.)

The one filter that best helps dramatize the difference between the sky and the clouds when shooting black and white photography

Lesson 7

How to create a predictable emotional response to your photograph
How to bring out the magic in your landscape photographs by using the entry point technique. (The effect of this one technique *alone* is so powerful it gives the viewer the feeling of being in the photo, a landscape photographers dream!)
What type of lens and the distance you need to set it up for a natural appearing formal headshot
2 great must-read resources that will dramatically help enhance your skills as an adventure photographer!
What the term 'E Pluribus Unum' means, and how it can impact the quality of your pictures

One of the biggest mistakes portrait photographers make and why you need to avoid it!

Why every portrait photographer should line the camera up at about their subject's eye level
2 amazingly simple experiments that will quickly help you get a head start in the art of abstract photography!
Lesson 8
All that you need to know about photojournalism and how it can benefit you as a photographer
Lesson 9
How to create a hard copy portfolio of your photography and set up an exclusive, personalized online gallery to display your works!
3 great sites that allow you to submit a Press Release for FREE!
6 killer ways to drive an avalanche of *targeted traffic* to your online gallery



" So My Investment For This Course Has Got To Be Staggering

Right ?  "

Look, this online photography course covers a very specific and specialized topic, so it does merit being pricey. But... since we're offering you a "Special Discount" Price, we've decided to give you 50% off the regular fee of ($ 119) down to a very generous $59.00 - that's a full $60.00 discount!

**This covers the cost of all of your learning material, your final exam, your personal online student portfolio and your course completion certificate, which we will mail to you upon successful completion of the course. The only thing you need to provide is yourself and a camera (digital or film)!


Plus 3 Bonus Gifts When You Enroll Today

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   Is There a Guarantee?

Of course! In fact, we're so confident you'll be delighted with this unique online photography course material - we'll even provide you with one of the boldest guarantees you've ever seen!

You know, this course will not only help hone your skills as a photographer, but also show you numerous ways you can earn an income with your talent. Many people are drawn towards taking up photography, simply because it's a great hobby and a wise career choice, considering it is pretty inexpensive to get into. Not to mention the monetary and creative rewards which can be potentially enormous!

So don't be left out. Take a step towards a better future now!

No - Risk Acceptance

Yes, I want to become a better photographer and learn the secrets and techniques I'll discover in the Stare Online Photography Course!

I realize that if I leave this offer the price may increase, and I will lose out on the chance to impress my family and friends with the photography skills I can gain from this course. So I shall place my order right now through a confirmed secure server and receive instant instructions on how I can download this unique photography course Right Now !

* Get Started Even If It's 2:00am In The Morning

Don't Wait any longer !  Order now !

It's Time to Do Something For yourself and your own Personal Growth and there is no better way than taking the time to Learn how to " Master The Art Of Photography "

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Aspiring Artists ! Photographers like you who took our course and put into practice its contents, are thrilled by the results, and wouldn't even think of trading our course for a couple hundred dollars. We have spent so much time making this a quality course that everyone can afford and you get the added bonus of having our staff critique your work along the way, which is something that you can't put a price on !

Enroll "Today" in our Course and we will include 3 Bonus Gifts! 

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Look, anyone can offer you a 100% money-back guarantee. But ours is different. Because, when you invest in our course, we take all the risk. If the course doesn't deliver, we're the ones who will lose out not you !



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Dear Stare Photography Staff.. 

" I appreciate your comments and the compliments. I also thank you for your critical review of my work during the course. The Staff at Stare Photography has expressed a balance of professional criticism and encouragement in this learning process. I also

enjoyed the lesson delivery method of the course , the desktop author DNL reader

is a great E-learning approach. The Stare Photography course increased my desire

to learn more and more about the art and science of photography "

Susan-    Huntington Beach  CA.






Dear Stare Photography Staff..


I just received my certificate of completion and it's great ! This is a course that any budding photographer should become familiar with. The course content is comprehensive, and the quality is second to none. Keep up the great work !

  Jarek-   London UK.






Dear Stare Photography Staff..


" Wow ! What a great time I had taking this class. I surprised myself with what I was able to accomplish is a very short time. I even built a web page, I never thought I would do that. Your class has helped me to look at photography with a new eye. I'm not sure how far it will take me , but thank you so much for showing me the road!"

David-   Tokyo Japan






Dear Stare Photography Staff..


" I wanted to thank you all for the opportunity to take this course. I just passed the test and I am proud of the results, over 90% , because I  have found some questions tricky , and needed to think a lot of new words and terms in English about photography. I am very proud of some of my works and I hope I inspire other people taking this course !"

Andre-  South Africa






Dear Stare

Photography Staff..

When I decided to take this class I wanted to become a better photographer overall.
I believe with utilizing what I have learned and with continuous practice I will ultimately become the photographer I know I am capable of being. I find great pleasure
in sharing my photos with others and watching or hearing their reactions. I believe photos are a great way to express oneself. I hope you enjoy the variety of photos I
decided to use for the Student Gallery as much as I have enjoyed learning how to perfect my photographic style.
Thank you for all of the wonderful and constructive feedback.. Susan - New Jersey



Dear Stare

Photography Staff..

When I first decided to take this class I was just hoping to learn a little about my camera and how to take a better photograph. I have learned so much more. I have learned to look at the world through different eyes. I have learned to look for the beauty in everything. Now when I am walking down the street, or going to the store, or even just walking the dog I am always on the look out for the perfect shot. Thank you so much! Jenni - Arizona


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