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  Please complete the following 50 questions



Below are the questions to the final exam. A score of over 60% is required to pass the test. Good luck.


Final Exam

Question 1: The predominant feature in the above photograph is its…

a) Pattern effect

b) Color harmonization with cool colors and the infusion of some warm colors

c) Line features

d) Ability to make the rocks look three dimensional


Question 2: To mute the tonal range in the photograph above the photographer used…

a) Black and white film

b) The rule of thirds

c) Mist

d) High speed film to help give it a coarse look


Question 3: The photograph of the white house above utilizes the rule of thirds?

a) True

b) False


Question 4: what type of balance does the lighthouse photograph use?

a) Informal

b) Formal



Question 5: In the above photograph, what type of lighting was used to bring out the texture in the ground?

a) Back lighting

b) Side lighting (sun setting to the left of the picture)

c) Front lighting

d) Side lighting (sun setting to the right of the picture)


Question 6: The photograph of the ground above would also be considered a…

a) Saturated photograph

b) Analogous colors photograph

c) Monochromatic photograph

d) Pastel photograph



Question 7: The photograph above would not make a great black and white photograph because of the lack of _____________.

a) Color saturation

b) Tonal range

c) Contrast

d) Texture


Question 8: What two features help create emphasis on the lady bug in the photograph above?

a) Quick shutter speed and large depth of field

b) Wide tonal range and a shallow depth of field

c) Color saturation and a shallow depth of field

d) Color saturation and large depth of field


Question 9: Is the picture of the water drop above a high key or low key photography?

a) Low key

b) High key


Question 10: The above photograph was overexposed by…

a) Keeping the shutter speed open for a longer period of time

b) Setting the camera aperture number to a low number

c) Setting the camera aperture number to a high number

d) Either A or B


Question 11: Is the boat photograph above high or low key?

a) Low Key

b) High key

Question 12: Without the use of _________ in the boat photograph this photograph would be much less interesting.

a) Line

b) Contrast

c) Saturation

d) Pattern


Question 13: When shooting landscape photographs you should try and…

a) Place interesting objects in the foreground to help lead the eye into the photo

b) Try and capture as much of the distance as possible

c) Only allow the sky to take up the top 1/3 of the photograph

d) All of the above


Question 14: In the landscape photograph above the rocks help…….

a) Create color saturation

b) Lead your eye through the photograph

c) Give formal balance to the picture

d) None of the above


Question 15: Which lens has a wider angle?

a) 100mm

b) 24mm

c) 6mm

d) 500mm


Question 16: hard light helps you see subtle colors better than soft light does.

a) True

b) False


Question 17: ISO 100 film speed is great for helping create…

a) High saturation photographs

b) Coarse photographs

c) Low resolution photographs

d) Film speed does not go as low as ISO 100


Question 18: To freeze motion during an action shot you would…

a) Lower your aperture number

b) Decrease your shutter speed

c) Increase your shutter speed

d) Increase your aperture number


Question 19: What is the color which represents wealth, sophistication and royalty?

a) Black

b) Blue

c) Red

d) Purple


Question 20: The direction of lines that signify unrest, action, motion, speed and force.

a) Horizontal

b) Diagonal

c) Vertical

d) Round


Question 21: The best way to bring out texture in your photographs is to…

a) Use a large depth of field to capture detail

b) Photograph using only soft light

c) Ensure light quality and direction are right

d) Use a slow film speed to help bring out details


Question 22: What type of lighting is used in the tree photograph above?

a) Back Lighting

b) Front Lighting

c) Side Lighting

d) Overhead Lighting


Question 23: the filter that is used to mute colors is a…

a) Polarizing filter

b) Color filter

c) Diffusing filter

d) None of the above


Question 24: complimentary colors are more contrasted then analogous colors?

a) True

b) False


Question 25: When shooting black and white photography which filters will have the least impact on the dramatization of clouds?

a) Orange

b) Yellow

c) Red

d) Blue


Question 26: Abstract photography is mostly about…

a) Design

b) Subjects

c) Conveying reality

d) Line and color


Question 27:  If you are trying to capture a large depth of field but you used a very quick shutter speed you may…

a) Blur you image

b) Overexpose your image

c) Underexpose your image

d) Reduce the depth of field.


Question 28: Bias in photography exists because of…

a) Change in behavior of people being photographed

b) Perspective

c) Cropping

d) All of the above


Question 29:  the larger the aperture number the…

a) Smaller the opening

b) Larger the opening


Question 30: an aperture setting of f/4 would let in…

a) A lot of light

b) A little light


Question 31: to have a large depth of field means to…

a) To have almost a completely blurred picture with only one element being distinguishable

b) To have one section of the foreground in focus

c) Have both the foreground and background in focus

d) To have a slight blur across the whole photograph


Question 32: if you want to focus your main subject and blur the background you would use…

a) Small aperture opening (high number)

b) Large aperture opening (low number)

c) Depth of field has to do with shutter speed not aperture

d) A tripod positioned very closely to your main subject


Question 33: Analogous colors are…

a) Next to each other on the color wheel and have a soothing effect

b) Across from each other on the color wheel and have a soothing effect

c) Next to each other on the color wheel and have a negative effect on the picture

d) Across from each other on the color wheel and have a positive effect on the picture


Question 34: By diluting a color with any other color or adding white or black you are…

a) Making the color more dark and rich

b) Making the color a pastel

c) Making the color less saturated or pure

d) None of the above


Question 35: To create color contrast you can

a) Have certain colors that are separated by black and white

b) Use strongly saturated colors

c) Use colors that are far apart on the color wheel

d) All of the above


Question 36: You could best describe the above photograph as a…

a) Nature photograph

b) Informal balance photograph

c) Abstract photograph

d) Portrait photograph


Question 37: The above photograph uses…

a) Simplicity

b) Rule of thirds

c) Color harmony

d) All of the above


Question 38: In this photograph the water helps to double the size of the main subject through reflection. What other surface has this ability?

a) Wet cement

b) Reflective metals

c) Dry Wood

d) Both A and B


Question 39: Because of the colors used in this photograph the photo appears…

a) Peaceful, & tranquil

b) Masculine, conservative and implies wealth

c) Difficult to look at. It seems a little overpowering

d) Evil


Question 40: The photographer was able to darken the image and slightly silhouette the main subject by…

a) Adjusting to a higher exposure level

b) Adjusting to a lower exposure level

c) Decreasing the shutter speed

d) Setting the aperture to a lower F number


Question 41: 250 is a…

a) Shutter speed number

b) Aperture number


Question 42:  To create motion blur in your pictures you would…

a) Increase your shutter speed

b) Decrease your shutter speed

c) Increase your depth of field

d) Set you aperture to a high number such as f/16


Question 43: fast film speeds will give you the…

a) Best shooting film for daytime

b) Most saturated colors

c) Best contrast

d) Coarsest grain

Question 44: Telephoto lenses tend to give a flattened perspective.

a) True

b) False


Question 45: Negative space is the empty space in a photograph which isn’t being taken up by objects.

a) True

b) False


Question 46: The golden mean equals…

a) 4.445

b) 2.168

c) 1.618

d) 6


Question 47: what aperture numbers comes after 8?

a) 11

b) 9

c) 10

d) 8.5


Question 48: What are the best ways to promote your online portfolio?

a) Backlinking

b) Writing articles

c) Finding partnerships

d) All of the above


Question 49: The photograph of the man who stopped the tanks during the Tiananmen Square protests in 1989 was given the name…

a) Tank Man

b) Democracy

c) Peace

d) Stepping Up

Question 50: Lighting a dark photograph from underneath gives the photograph a…

a) Spooky feeling

b) Calm feeling

c) Abstract quality

d) Look of realism


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